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Search Tips

These search tips may help you use this website.

Category Search

Nine pre-defined categories have been set up to assist you to find services and resources related to Falls Prevention. Each of the categories has been sorted into four sub-categories which are:

  • Services and Programs - organizations which provide services and programs
  • Products - organizations which provide supplies, equipment and funding information
  • Resources - documents or web sites to provide you with relevant information
  • Specialists - names of specialists in the relevant category area

To see a description of each category, hold your mouse over the question mark symbol "?" beside the category title.

How to Search Categories

  1. Select the main category (blue button) to see a list of the four sub-categories.
  2. Select one of these and the search results will show you the organization or resource name and the areas it serves.
  3. Click on the organization name to view the full details of the record where you will find information such as address, phone number and description of services and resources.

Advanced Search

  • This button is located on the left side of the page, at the bottom.
  • This feature allows you to search within a community combined with a category (see paragraphs below).
  • You may also choose to browse by organization name (see 3rd paragraph below).
  • You can also suggest a new record be added to the database from this page.

The "Limit to" Searches

Communities - "Located In" and "Serving"

This function enables you to restrict the results by geography; either by where the service/program is physically located or by the geographic service area specified in the record. It is a good idea, if you are searching for a specific service in a known area, to use these limiting features to narrow your results.

Category List

This drop down tool search tool allows you to search the pre-defined set of categories. You can only select one choice from the drop down list. If a community has been selected, it will search both the category and the community.

Browsing is NOT the same as Searching

Browsing is looking through a pre-defined list and is based on specifying either a letter or a number as your criteria.

Browse by Organization

Allows you to review a list of services based on an alphabetical listing of the top level organization name defined in the record. It will also include 'resource' files which include documents and web site links.